Growing up in rural southwestern Oklahoma, Lacy learned to sing while doing farm chores and driving a tractor - far from earshot of anyone else, accompanied only by her Walkman and latest favorite cassette tape. 

"People ask me where I learned to sing, and whom I grew up listening to. Honest answer: I remember getting Alanis Morissette's 'Jagged Little Pill' album for my 14th birthday. I'd never heard anything like her. That album went everywhere with me; I copy-catted every sound she made."

An introvert and creative by nature, she spent many hours in her teens layering instrumental parts and vocal harmonies over one another using a double-deck-cassette karaoke machine. Eventually she began writing her own songs and making crude recordings using this technique.

In her early twenties, she decided to pursue music as a profession, and found her first live-band opportunities by searching through newspaper classifieds. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Oklahoma City and quickly established herself in its live music scene, where she's continued expanding her repertoire and skill sets for nearly twenty years.

"I do write, and I enjoy it - but it's less craftsmanship and more catharsis for me. There are so many good songs already in the world. I love reimagining them, presenting them in a different light or mood. Think Eva Cassidy's cover of Sting's 'Fields Of Gold' - so gorgeous I had to borrow it myself," she laughs.
People sometimes approach me after a show and say things like, 'I've heard that song a hundred times, but your performance of it blew me away.' That's where it's at for me. That's so much of what I'm going for."

Lacy usually performs solo (acoustic guitar & vocals), but can often be seen & heard as part of a duo or with a full 3+ piece band.  "I can take a guitar, a mic, and a small amp anywhere. It's easy and fun to do the quiet, downtempo stuff. But there's also nothing like singing your guts out onstage with some badass musicians. That's a little slice of heaven."